The Copper J-Pole Adapter

Announcing the Copper J-Pole Adapter

   The copper J-pole, also called the copper cactus, has been a classic low cost, easy to build 2 meter antenna for the beginner as well as the more experienced ham.  However, when attaching the SO-239 or N chassis-type connector to the J-pole, there has been no solid, efficient, good looking way to make that firm connection.  The connector is typically attached to the side of the J-pole with only one screw, making it insecure and causing an unnecessary loop in the coax.

   The products offered here provide a very professional looking and functional method of securely attaching the SO-239 or N connector to the J-pole.  The adapter is machined from solid brass and is designed to be soldered to the base of the antenna.  The SO-239 or N connector can then be attached to the adapter, making a very secure connection point.  This means that your PL-259 or N male connector and coax will be firmly attached to the J-pole.

    In addition to the SO-239 and N connector, an adapter is offered for use with 3/4 inch copper tubing.  The larger tubing is commonly used for 6 meter antennas.

  As shown in the photo, the adapter is on the right and is soldered directly to a copper tee. 


  The kit includes all of the hardware you need to assemble your J-pole, except the copper tubing and some fittings, which are available at all home supply stores.

   Each adapter kit includes:

            1 adapter

            1 UHF SO-239 or N chassis mount connector (depending on which is ordered)

               1 copper tee

           4 stainless steel screws and washers

           1 length of copper wire, and

   Detailed instructions (which can be downloaded from the Assembly Instructions tab)


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